CLASSES and PRIVATE SESSIONS                      

Private classes and One-on-One sessions are available.
  Contact (713) 410-7123 for additional details.



Level 1 - Introductory Enneagram Class


he Enneagram is a personality system that teaches emotional intelligence and helps us expand our relationship skills. It describes specifically how we unknowingly separate from God, ourselves, and others. This system improves our understanding of ourselves and others by discovering the nine different ways each style behaves, feels, and thinks. This class is for those new to the Enneagram and those who want to learn practical Enneagram applications for daily life.  Learn the characteristics and helpful communication tips for the nine styles and discover the speaking style, body language, and anger triggers for the nine personalities.  Enjoy lively interactive exercises, and discover the “catch-22” for the each style








Level 2 - Subtypes and Transformation


Deepen your growth by learning about the three Subtypes in each Enneagram style. See how your pattern plays out daily and meet in subtype groups. The class includes Transformation exercises. Attendance at the Introductory Enneagram class or instructor approval is required.

Helen Palmer Enneagram  Transformation Videos

Session #1: Head Center (5,6,7)
Session #2: Heart Center (2,3,4)
Session #3: Body Center (8.9.1

Recorded during one of Helen Palmer's workshops in Boulder, CO this past spring, this DVD series focuses on transformation by interviewing groups (panels) of each Enneagram type.  This class is for those who have been working with their Enneagram style and want to do more serious Enneagram work. Helen Palmer’s astute insights are amazing.  The videos are fascinating, touching, and insightful.  When Bill Kerley, a local Jungian analyst and minister, saw Helen Palmer on the DVD, he said, “She is brilliant!”  

Knowledge of your Enneagram type or instructor approval is required

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